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Odd that former Blues player Benji Marshall would write a book on playing rugby league. Oh, wait…no, that’s the sport he is actually good at, not Rugby…as we ALL found out having to watch the disaster that was his season at the Blues. Not too mention all the credibility the great Sir John Kirwan lost […] Read More


For me as a rugby dad, every football match is crazy. I find myself constantly yelling at the screen – ‘why isn’t anyone scoring any goals!’ Or ‘just pick the ball up!’ or ‘Hollywood!’. The book is conveniently covered in plastic and even the front cover boasts ‘the waterproof bathroom edition’. Really? Wow, that’s not […] Read More

The Caming Cookbook NZ Dads

Cookbooks sell like hot cakes. This one has a pancake recipe, and other types of cakes too. In fact, it’s got pretty much everything I thought you could never cook whilst camping. My family love camping. They love the meals that I cook when we are away. The meals usually consist of me going to […] Read More

Camping sites NZ Dads

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get booking that family holiday. In no particular order here are New Zealand’s top ten family friendly camping sites.  In order to keep things a bit more family friendly this list consists predominately of holiday parks. Holiday parks offer a wider range and often more […] Read More

Family camping trip

The quintessential Kiwi summer isn’t complete without a camping trip and having kids under five in tow doesn’t mean you have to forgo the traditional New Zealand activity. So what can you do to help make taking your three to five year olds camping easier? Practice makes perfect Instead of throwing your little one into […] Read More