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YMCA Auckland have won the Visitor Solutions Outstanding Event Award at the New Zealand Recreation Association Outdoor Awards on September 1st, proving that their focus on developing strong families has been recognised at a national level. The Outstanding Event award recognises the significant contribution made to outdoor recreation and adventure tourism in New Zealand. This […] Read More


The Nike Academy Most Wanted: Registrations open today New Zealand registrations are now open for The Nike Academy Most Wanted, the unique talent search for young footballers who dream of becoming elite athletes. The Nike Academy Most Wanted gives amateur, unsigned footballers the chance to earn a place at the Nike Academy at St. George’s […] Read More

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When I was young I was that kid who tried pretty much every sport that came my way. Soccer, rugby, cricket, badminton, tennis, karate, softball, the list goes on. I liked the trying of the new things but nothing really stuck. Rugby had me for about 6 seasons but it was never going to take […] Read More

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If you’re sick of your teenager(s) spending all day sitting inside watching TV or on their phones, and want to get them outside doing something fun and good for their fitness, then the Legendary Blackwater Rafting Company’s Black Odyssey tour at Waitomo is perfect. This is a great way to bond with the teens because, […] Read More

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Ah, the holidays – family time, share time, quality time, the time you spend together to have the better chance of quality experiences, that special time devoted exclusively to nurturing cherished family members, time to...oh, forget it! If you’re like me, you’re tired and fed up being chief entertainment officer and just want the kids […] Read More