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Teaching your teen to do a basic oil service on their car is a great way for your teenager to save some money, and to gain some confidence around their own abilities when it comes to their car. This is not limited to just the boys, as there is no reason not to teach your […] Read More

Servicing car

Whether your teenager is finding it hard to pay for car related maintenance, or if you just want them to be more responsible for their vehicle, teaching them about car servicing and maintenance is a great idea.  Here are a few basic things to help you with teaching them to look after their own vehicle. […] Read More

2014 Kia Sportage LX

When I first saw the new Kia Sportage I noticed that this is a very good looking vehicle. The design is aggressive, stylish and well designed, finished off nicely with the added features present on the LX model like roof rack bars, spoiler, and 17 inch alloys. Now as a father one of the first […] Read More