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Knack 2 - PlayStation4 - NZDads

When the PS4 launched four years ago, one launch title that had a mixed reception was Knack. A game underappreciated by many due to its simplicity, appreciated by a few - including myself - despite its simplicity, has become almost a meme at this point, and now its sequel is here to prove the lovers […] Read More

everybodys-golf-listing-nz dads

For 20 years, Everybody’s Golf has been trying to make Golf interesting to the masses on PlayStation consoles, and it has been doing a surprisingly good job. In 2017 with their latest release, first time for the PS4, Everybody’s Golf is having a crack at doing the same, and it continues its pattern of being […] Read More

Uncharted- The Lost legacy - NZDads

For 10 years, Uncharted has been in our lives with the iconic Nathan Drake, and now comes the DLC\Short sequel with 100% less Nate. The question left hanging is, will it work without the iconic hero? The short answer is yes, it works and it is wonderful. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy tells the story of […] Read More


In February Nioh hit the ground running, catching many including myself off guard, providing a surprisingly good game, with a very Dark Souls Aesthetic, but gameplay that while being hard, felt fair and challenging as opposed to brutally punishing. Then came its first round of DLC, Dragon of the North, bringing new environments, enemies, and […] Read More

MasterArt_Patapon - NZDads

Nine years ago, the western world discovered how weird and wacky a company from Japan could be. In a world with fewer indies, Sony still funded small and strange games such as LocoRoco and Patapon for the PSP. The former was remastered for PS4 recently, and the latter has finally been re-released for old and […] Read More