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xboxonex- NZDads

Over the years, weird half step consoles have been par for the course. This generation has been the same with the PS4 slim and the Xbox One S doing the usual minor upgrades and a change of form factor. This generation though we have been introduced to beefed-up versions with the PS4 Pro and now […] Read More

horizon-zero-dawn-the-frozen-wilds- NZDads

Earlier this year, Horizon Zero Dawn launched to high critical appraise, and right into my heart. A wonderful game that is set in the future, where mankind has rebuilt a simple civilisation after an apocalyptic event occurred, resulting in tribes that are unaware of our current times and science, only knowing the technology already in […] Read More

Forza 7 NZDads

It’s another year, which naturally means it’s time for another Forza, and this year it’s the next iteration in the Motorsport series with Forza Motorsport 7. With a high bar set with the series to date, the question that remains with an iterative series like this is if it is worth your while upgrading. Forza […] Read More

NZDads - Marvel vs. Capcom- Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom is a fighting game series with a surprising amount of history. For people new to the series, there have been eight games over the last 20 years, and it stands a solid fighter, that has come out at an unfortunate moment this time around, surrounded by a substantial number of great fighters. […] Read More

Destiny 2 - NZDads

To say Destiny has seen a significant amount of success would be an understatement, but there were undeniable flaws with the game that did stunt its popularity at times. A confused plot that was mostly filled out with cards you view online, a lack of content in the vanilla version of the game, and confusing […] Read More