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Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises in gaming these days, having basically destroyed the bulk of its competition. The series has made its way from the Wold World War 2 games to the present day, to the future, and with Call of Duty WWII it returns to its World War 2 roots, […] Read More

xboxonex- NZDads

Over the years, weird half step consoles have been par for the course. This generation has been the same with the PS4 slim and the Xbox One S doing the usual minor upgrades and a change of form factor. This generation though we have been introduced to beefed-up versions with the PS4 Pro and now […] Read More

horizon-zero-dawn-the-frozen-wilds- NZDads

Earlier this year, Horizon Zero Dawn launched to high critical appraise, and right into my heart. A wonderful game that is set in the future, where mankind has rebuilt a simple civilisation after an apocalyptic event occurred, resulting in tribes that are unaware of our current times and science, only knowing the technology already in […] Read More

Forza 7 NZDads

It’s another year, which naturally means it’s time for another Forza, and this year it’s the next iteration in the Motorsport series with Forza Motorsport 7. With a high bar set with the series to date, the question that remains with an iterative series like this is if it is worth your while upgrading. Forza […] Read More

NZDads - Marvel vs. Capcom- Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom is a fighting game series with a surprising amount of history. For people new to the series, there have been eight games over the last 20 years, and it stands a solid fighter, that has come out at an unfortunate moment this time around, surrounded by a substantial number of great fighters. […] Read More