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Laika Entertainment has proven they are some of the best at stop motion animation with title like Coralline, but with Kubo and the Two Strings they have not only continued to be top of the game, but also outdo their own work. Kubo and the Two strings follows the story of a young boy who […] Read More


Over the many years we have come to know what to expect from a Bond film. Bond will be given a mission, some new gadgets, some attractive women to seduce and some entertaining action. If there is one thing they have done since Daniel Craig’s 007, it is give the films a feeling that there […] Read More

Alvin and the Chipmunks_Road Chip_DVD NZ Dads

Alvin, Theodore, Simon and Dave come back for the fourth Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip. This time Dave is looking like he is going to get engaged and after discovering their potential new step brother is a jerk they need to travel across the country to stop the engagement […] Read More

shaun-the-sheep-poster NZ Dads

Shaun the Sheep: Movie brings the beloved stop motion animation sheep Shaun to his full length picture and it does it in style. Having not watched the many episodes of Shaun the Sheep before, I was a little bit apprahensive putting the movie on for the family, concerned that we may be missing some information […] Read More

Maggie - NZ Dads

Maggie brings us to a world where a virus has broken out which turns people into zombies. But surprisingly for the first time in a long time the film does not just feel like another zombie flick. In this post viral outbreak world, the virus is generally under control. There is a curfew to ensure […] Read More