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Advice and tips for fathers of toddlers & preschoolers, from dealing with the terrible twos and threenagers, to teaching your child numbers and reading.

Washing hands - NZ Dads

When it comes to washing hands, most kids, (and disgustingly, most adults) only wave their hands just under water, that is, if they wash their hands at all.  Washing hands seems obvious after using the toilet, changing nappies, handling animals and before and after handling food but if you’ve ever been to a public toilet […] Read More


You know you’re reading some good advice when it’s the 5th edition. Not too many books get that kind of treatment, so when they do it’s best to sit up, cross your arms and legs and pay attention. Sitting up straight and paying attention are also discussed in the book. Not so much for you, […] Read More

unwell child

A child with a fever is normally an indication of their body attempting to fight off a bacterial infection or virus. Most fevers last three to four days and can be treated at home. However in some cases a medical professional needs to be consulted to ensure there is not a serious underlying issue that […] Read More

Girl dipping boiled egg 1

The early years of a child’s life are a time of rapid growth and development. For the first six months of their life, breast milk or infant formula supply all the nutrition a baby needs. However from six months of age, foods need to be introduced to complement milk. After the first year, food becomes […] Read More

swimming article

Seventy five percent of the world is made up of water, and with 11,000 kilometres of stunning coastlines, 3,820 glass-topped lakes and backyard swimming pools dotted across the country, New Zealanders have access to their fair share of H20. But it isn’t just our beautiful beaches and summers by the pool that make New Zealand […] Read More