School Age Children

Advice and tips for fathers of school age children, from helping with homework, to fun activities, to pocket money and chores.


There are a number of obvious and hidden costs involved in paying for your child’s schooling. By looking at all of the possible education costs, you can use them to estimate a yearly total and work out how much you should be setting aside per week.   1. Annualise all the costs on a per […] Read More


“Public education is an investment in our future,” said Matt Blunt, ex-Governor of Missouri. But public education can be expensive. Ideally, we have a free education but unfortunately a free education comes with a few costs.  A conflict in terms I know. And costs, well, cost! So, how can you cope with the money going […] Read More

swimming article

Seventy five percent of the world is made up of water, and with 11,000 kilometres of stunning coastlines, 3,820 glass-topped lakes and backyard swimming pools dotted across the country, New Zealanders have access to their fair share of H20. But it isn’t just our beautiful beaches and summers by the pool that make New Zealand […] Read More