Advice and tips for fathers throughout the pregnancy stages, from trying to conceive to the actual birth.

Written letter to kids - NZ Dads

I found this letter I wrote a number of years ago and was reluctant to share it with you all. However I hope in share it, you might understand post-natal depression a bit more. You might recognise some of the symptoms in your children’s mother, and maybe even in yourself and use this to help […] Read More

child - NZ Dads

For some couples the reality of infertility is that nothing seems to work. However that doesn’t mean that they cannot have a family. While New Zealand doesn’t have an adoption culture similar to that of the United States where approximately 135,000 children are adopted annually adoption and fostering are still an option for New Zealand […] Read More

fertility treatment - NZ Dads

If natural fertility treatments didn’t prove effective or they just really aren’t your cup of tea the next step in the baby making process is medical fertility treatments. Two percent of New Zealand babies are conceived via In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) every year. However the process can be long, difficult and potentially heartbreaking and deciding […] Read More

Pregnancy - NZ Dads

You've been practising diligently, you've seen the doctor and specialists and the verdict is in. You or your partner, or potentially both of you are dealing with fertility issues. So what’s next? IVF? Adoption? Maybe, but there are less extreme options people can explore before delving into the world of medical intervention and long and […] Read More

Infertile - NZ Dads

In high school we're taught that if we have unprotected sex we'll get pregnant. It's that simple. You hear horror stories of girls finding out their expecting after their first time, one night stands that end in late night diaper duty and the pitter patter of little feet that can be traced back to one […] Read More