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Child's artwork NZ Dads

I often marvel at the archives my mother has kept of my brother and my childhoods. It seems it is all stored in a couple of boxes up at her house. The Lego we played with 30 something years ago is currently in my living room, supplemented by my girl's own collection and it is […] Read More

Sailing Solo

baby photo NZ Dads

In 1985 my son was born and I was then a spring chicken of 32 Years. I can’t describe the feeling of being a new dad; you will all probably have your own experience and tales to tell. Enough to say I was absolutely over the moon. My wife was (at the time) a nurse, […] Read More


The Hyundai Power Off/Family On campaign encourages families to switch off and spend time together during the weekend of the 5th and 6th of September, and is a great way for parents to introduce the concept of a ‘power off’ time to kids. Clinical Psychologist Nigel Latta, an ambassador the Hyundai Power Off/Family On campaign, […] Read More

Living Time

Daddy daughter adventure NZ Dads

As a special treat (thanks Mum) I took my daughter to the Disney on Ice show a couple of weeks ago. We had the excitement building for most of the week and by the time I picked her up on Friday she was rearing to go. We barely had time for her to change into […] Read More

Bedroom door NZ Dads

I’m not sure if I was seven or eight years old. I had been awoken in the night by cries from my mother for help. “Oh God, Oh God yes”. Like any other good son, I knocked on my parents’ bedroom door and asked my mum if she was alright? After a few moments of […] Read More