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Paving the Way

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The summer so far has treated me well. The juggling act of job/daughter/new relationship has settled into some kind of routine and I am sure my daughter is more excited about seeing my partner than she is me. That's okay, I know how she feels. The two of them met quite early on and they […] Read More

Changes to Us

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Sometimes I realise I don't give my daughter enough credit for seeing things as they are. I have recently started seeing somebody and I was always looking for the right time to inform my daughter that there is someone else in my life. When I delicately told her that Dad was spending time with a […] Read More

Nana and grandchild NZ Dads

My mother came down for a visit these last school holidays. She and my daughter have their own thing going on and Nan-time is always quality time for both of them. It is a great help to me and my girl's mother (school holiday programmes don't come cheap), but the best part for me was […] Read More

Turning the Pages

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Things are changing. They always are and so they should. Maybe that is what makes moments special; they are indicative of past moments. I am sure I will have plenty more as my girl grows up (I will make sure I do) but as playdates grow longer, sleepovers become more regular and her independence develops […] Read More

Father’s Day

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I’m not into ‘Father’s day’ - There, I said it! Nor am I into Mother’s day, Valentine Day, or any other market ploy to make me spend my hard earned cash. I’ve always believed if you could only show love and affection to the people you love on one day a year – then there […] Read More