Advice and tips for fathers of babies, from bonding with your child, to burping, to balancing work and family.

Here is Jordan from "How To Dad" showing us some great tips on how to but a baby to sleep. Check him out at […] Read More

unwell child

A child with a fever is normally an indication of their body attempting to fight off a bacterial infection or virus. Most fevers last three to four days and can be treated at home. However in some cases a medical professional needs to be consulted to ensure there is not a serious underlying issue that […] Read More

The Baby Show 2014

1)   Make sure the little ones have gone to the bathroom before you head into the main hall.  It is really quite big and there’s so much to see, the last thing you want to do is have to rush back for a bathroom emergency, and be completely lost as to where you were up […] Read More

i love eggs

Eggs are such a versatile food - from French toast for breakfast, to quiche for lunch, and pasta carbonara for dinner. Eggs play an important part in a healthy meal plan. They are packed with protein and full of vitamins, and considered a daily food for any healthy diet. Eggs are great for babies to […] Read More

Girl dipping boiled egg 1

The early years of a child’s life are a time of rapid growth and development. For the first six months of their life, breast milk or infant formula supply all the nutrition a baby needs. However from six months of age, foods need to be introduced to complement milk. After the first year, food becomes […] Read More