Wendy Lenthen

Wendy Lenthen is an upcycling artist, writer, creative genius and long suffering wife of a patient, tolerant and a great cup of tea maker (AKA” hot water bottle”) and mother of two beasties (son, aged 12 and daughter, aged 10yrs). She is not afraid to share her opinions on any subject, but is an expert on none. Her writing style is the “over a cup of tea” commentary on life, with humour, insights and an occasional bright idea. You can see her art on www.itsrecreated.com

Angry Child - NZ Dads

What is the one word that can be translated in different ways depending on age? NO! Kids hear it as “maybe”, “possibly”, “oh what the heck! Go ahead kids” where as parents we mean it as denial, refusal or not at all. How can a simple 2 letter word be so derisive in a family? No – the […] Read More

Kids outdoors | NZ Dads

Ah, the holidays – family time, share time, quality time, the time you spend together to have the better chance of quality experiences, that special time devoted exclusively to nurturing cherished family members, time to...oh, forget it! If you’re like me, you’re tired and fed up being chief entertainment officer and just want the kids […] Read More

Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes! Who invented them and can I slap them? Dad jokes! Funny to only one person. Dad jokes! The lamer the better. Dad jokes! Embarrassing children for generations. Why? Why do dads everywhere find great pleasure in telling horrible jokes, atrocious puns, and gags that make you want to gag? The dad in this […] Read More

Teen braces - NZ Dads

So how do you approach the delicate issue of hygiene with your teenage son? Always fun when you’re likely to be greeted with grunts or stony silences however to quote Macbeth “If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly”.   Discuss how they need to take care of themself in […] Read More

Cool Teen - NZ Dads

Teenage boys think they are too cool for school.  They live to torment their younger siblings, think their parents are the most uncool thing ever on the face of the Earth.  They believe we parents only live to embarrass our teens in front of their friends (actually, that is one of the perks of having […] Read More