Stef Parker

Stef Parker is a 29 year old teacher of 9 to 12 year olds by day and a self-confessed foodie by night. Stef has been tinkering in the kitchen since she was tall enough to reach the bench. These days she’s all about creating healthy, flavourful meals, using real ingredients for real people. You can find her recipes published in Whittaker’s Passion for Chocolate cookbook or on and here as a contributor on

Angelo’s Wild Kitchen - NZDads

I was very excited to get my hands on this pre-release copy of Angelo’s Wild Kitchen, his second book following The Game Chef. He’s a household name in our family, thanks to his show also titled The Game Chef on Maori Television. Here he shares his love of hunting (often with bow and arrow) and […] Read More

Family mince and cheese pie - NZDads

It might nearly be spring, but the weather is still pretty wet and cold, so comforting warming food is just what we need. I got the inspiration for this recipe when a friend of mine was telling me about the steak and ale pie she was making; I, of course, didn't have any steak in […] Read More

Baby Panang - for parents too! - NZDads

As of late, I have been adapting our adult meals to make a potful to freeze down for baby. I'm also aware that as he gets older, he needs to be exposed to more flavours, textures, and tastes. For this Thai Panang Curry, each time I make it will gradually increase the amount of Panang […] Read More

Baby's Mexican Chicken with Mango and Black Beans - NZDads

As promised this is part of my series of recipes for babies. The main idea of this series of recipes are foods which are baby friendly, which can be prepared alongside the family meal. This makes preparing it easy, and it’s a two birds with one stone kind of approach. This recipe was inspired by […] Read More

Lamb Cassarole baby food- NZDads

So this is a new series of recipes that I'm working on which are both baby and adult friendly. The Master of the house is currently 7 months old and enjoying exploring a range of foods. So I'm having to get a little more creative with what I'm serving. Initially, I started him on single […] Read More