Simon Lenthen

Simon Lenthen is a published poet, a performed playwright, a journalist. Simon has written articles for Weekend, and is now a regular contributor to NZ Dads. His poetry can be found on Blognostics, and other internet sites. He maintains a semi-regular poetry blog at His play “Wollemi Warrior Adventure” has been performed in the Blue Mountains and will be performed at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens in September. He also performs in The Goon Show Live as the voice of Harry Secombe.

Teen driving | NZ Dads

The time has come, it’s time to gird your loins and take the bull by the horns, time to find out if those blood pressure tablets really work or if you need to fake an injury. It’s time to teach your child to drive. The official government website, NZ Road Code has fantastic details on […] Read More

plane overseas

So you’ve decided to take the kids on holiday to a different country, or a cruise.  With the right preparation, it will be as enjoyable for you, as for your family.  Rather than leave the wife to do all organising, be a man and share in some of the work.  This could include investigating accommodation, […] Read More


Using the internet wasn’t a question that wouldn't have bothered the parents of teenagers a generation ago but it is a “necessary” these days – a necessary evil or a necessary good?  Allowing your child you access the Internet requires that you know what your child is doing.  Some experts feel that children should be […] Read More

techie baby

It doesn't hurt to expose your child to technology early, especially if given the access to apps that will not only entertain but teach them a thing or two, too. The following is a selection of free apps that can be downloaded onto a preferred device (smart phone, tablet or computer).  Where possible I have […] Read More

DVD Review: Chef


Celebrity chef, Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), has a melt-down in his restaurant; it’s big, loud and plastered all over social media.  Casper loses his job, his motivation and, it seems, his reason for living.  His ex-wife (played by Sofia Veraga of “Modern Family” fame) organises for him to go to Miami and convinces him to […] Read More