Simon Lenthen

Simon Lenthen is a published poet, a performed playwright, a journalist. Simon has written articles for Weekend, and is now a regular contributor to NZ Dads. His poetry can be found on Blognostics, and other internet sites. He maintains a semi-regular poetry blog at His play “Wollemi Warrior Adventure” has been performed in the Blue Mountains and will be performed at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens in September. He also performs in The Goon Show Live as the voice of Harry Secombe.

teaching kids about money - NZ Dads

One of the most important skills your child needs is the ability to handle money. Unfortunately this is a topic not covered in great detail at school so it is up to parents to deliver the lesson. Fortunately, even though you’re going to be talking money, you won’t have to spend it doing so. This […] Read More

Down Time

Men's depression - NZ Dads

One of the hardest things a man faces as a father can be his own shadow. Disappointment, confusion, demands of both work and home life can cast a long shadow on a man’s thoughts and feelings. And as such a man can become conflicted and paralysed; overwhelmed by the tasks and obligations that seem to […] Read More


I was really impressed with this film; a wonderful character study, a beautiful piece of history and a great father/son story. “The Butler” is a film well worth seeing. The film focuses on Cecil Gaines, an African-American whose father is killed by a spoilt son of a landowner. To punish the son, Cecil Gaines is […] Read More

The BoxTrolls - NZ Dads

Great holiday fare and fantastic father’s story all in one. The British-made movie based on the book “Here be Monsters” follows the story of “Eggs,” a young baby picked up by Boxtrolls, apparently abandoned by his father and mother. He grows in a wonderful underground world where trolls gather various items for re-use. The trolls […] Read More

Time management - NZ Dads

To coin a phrase “Time waits for no child” but since children are generally impatient, children don’t wait for time either so it’s a pretty balanced relationship. Yet when they make the transition from primary school to secondary school time management techniques become important in order to cope with the increased expectations they receive.  So […] Read More