Matthew Mason

Matt is based in Wellington, was born and raised in Auckland and has lived in Nelson. Besides being Dad to an awesome daughter, he enjoys playing music, skateboarding, writing and going on walks with his faithful dog.

Turning the Pages

Father and Daughter - NZ Dads

Things are changing. They always are and so they should. Maybe that is what makes moments special; they are indicative of past moments. I am sure I will have plenty more as my girl grows up (I will make sure I do) but as playdates grow longer, sleepovers become more regular and her independence develops […] Read More

Child's artwork NZ Dads

I often marvel at the archives my mother has kept of my brother and my childhoods. It seems it is all stored in a couple of boxes up at her house. The Lego we played with 30 something years ago is currently in my living room, supplemented by my girl's own collection and it is […] Read More

Living Time

Daddy daughter adventure NZ Dads

As a special treat (thanks Mum) I took my daughter to the Disney on Ice show a couple of weeks ago. We had the excitement building for most of the week and by the time I picked her up on Friday she was rearing to go. We barely had time for her to change into […] Read More

Empty nest NZ Dads

Once or twice a year my daughter spends a week with her Nan during holiday time. She flies up on her own and it is a big adventure. They both love it and I am thankful that they have a great relationship. It is always a funny time for me though. All of a sudden […] Read More

Kids sport - NZ Dads

When I was young I was that kid who tried pretty much every sport that came my way. Soccer, rugby, cricket, badminton, tennis, karate, softball, the list goes on. I liked the trying of the new things but nothing really stuck. Rugby had me for about 6 seasons but it was never going to take […] Read More