Keith Mole

A full time writer, part time actor and occasional film maker not to mention father and dedicated granddad. Keith lives on the Kapiti Coast with his wife, dog, cat and various members of his extended family. Part of that extended family are three international students from Thailand, Japan and China – all boys ranging from 14 to 17 years old. Keith served as a police officer in the UK, where he first became involved in working with young children in care. With children of his own (now in their late twenties) and more recently Grandchildren, Keith is under no illusions that he actually knows what he’s doing. ‘I’m doing my best and winging the rest ‘.

Father’s Day

Mug NZ Dads

I’m not into ‘Father’s day’ - There, I said it! Nor am I into Mother’s day, Valentine Day, or any other market ploy to make me spend my hard earned cash. I’ve always believed if you could only show love and affection to the people you love on one day a year – then there […] Read More

Sailing Solo

baby photo NZ Dads

In 1985 my son was born and I was then a spring chicken of 32 Years. I can’t describe the feeling of being a new dad; you will all probably have your own experience and tales to tell. Enough to say I was absolutely over the moon. My wife was (at the time) a nurse, […] Read More

Bedroom door NZ Dads

I’m not sure if I was seven or eight years old. I had been awoken in the night by cries from my mother for help. “Oh God, Oh God yes”. Like any other good son, I knocked on my parents’ bedroom door and asked my mum if she was alright? After a few moments of […] Read More

Grand Parenting

Grandfather NZ Dads

A week ago today, I became a Grandfather for the second time. I'm absolutely delighted as you can imagine - but I don't feel as thrilled as I did when my first grandson was born. Now don't get me wrong, I love them both to bits and their mother (My Daughter) is the apple of […] Read More