JJ McConnachie

JJ is a web developer who co-runs www.nzbooklovers.co.nz. She lives in Auckland with her husband and young daughter.

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The Lenmar ChugPlug is a portable MacBook battery pack that claims to give users up to four hours extended battery life for MacBook Airs, and up to three hours for MacBook Pros. Ideal for those who work out of clients offices on occasions, or want to work whilst in transit (be it on a bus […] Read More

365 days of wonder book cover

At the end of each month there is a short piece written from the point of view of Mr Brown, one of the teachers in the novel who introduces precepts to his students. These pieces provide a little more insight into different characters, and the very end answers the big question that Wonder left unanswered: […] Read More

Wonder book cover

People judge others largely on looks during first impressions – we look at clothes, expression, body language, and facial features and make a decision on what we think someone is like before we really know them. Most of the time we don’t even realise we are doing it. Wonder, by R.J. Palacio shows that just […] Read More

stressed dad

Pregnancy hormones are a nightmare for women. They make their bodies do strange things, and worst of all they seem to change their personalities completely.  With baby brain (yes that memory loss exists according to millions of women), frayed tempers, morning sickness, and strange cravings, as well has having a human being growing inside and […] Read More