Hannah Davis

Hannah is a twenty four year old writer with a background in Social Work. She was raised by a single Father which affords her a unique world view and area of understanding around Fatherhood. Hannah is actively involved in her Fathers support group, Shore Fathers, which was established in 1993.

Teen Girl - NZDads

Obesity rates amongst teenagers have sky-rocketed over the past thirty years and four times as many teens are obese now than when guns n roses were at their prime. Not only that but New Zealand is tipping the scales and weighing in as the third fattest country in the western world. So why are our […] Read More

Cinderella - NZ Dads

Whether it’s a flick for the whole family or something to watch on date night we round out the top ten movies to catch this year. Cinderella A live action retelling of the classic Cinderella story the plot of this movie needs little explanation. It’s due to hit the big screen in New Zealand in […] Read More

NZ Dads Sweets

Valentine’s Day is quite literally the sweetest holiday around. Since the 18th century this once religious day has been marked with chocolates, flowers and declarations of undying adoration. It’s a time to show those you care about just how much they mean, a time to be grateful and in my world a time to get […] Read More

child - NZ Dads

For some couples the reality of infertility is that nothing seems to work. However that doesn’t mean that they cannot have a family. While New Zealand doesn’t have an adoption culture similar to that of the United States where approximately 135,000 children are adopted annually adoption and fostering are still an option for New Zealand […] Read More

fertility treatment - NZ Dads

If natural fertility treatments didn’t prove effective or they just really aren’t your cup of tea the next step in the baby making process is medical fertility treatments. Two percent of New Zealand babies are conceived via In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) every year. However the process can be long, difficult and potentially heartbreaking and deciding […] Read More