Hannah Davis

Hannah is a twenty four year old writer with a background in Social Work. She was raised by a single Father which affords her a unique world view and area of understanding around Fatherhood. Hannah is actively involved in her Fathers support group, Shore Fathers, which was established in 1993.

home work - NZ Dads

If you’re the proud Papa of a small human aged anywhere between five and seventeen they’ve most likely just kicked off a whole new school year. That means required reading, interactive online math websites and studying towards NCEA exams. So what exactly can you do to help nurture and maintain healthy homework habits for your […] Read More

gender identity - NZ Dads

Bruce Jenner's very public recent transition to Caitlin Jenner has highlighted a shift in how and when we talk about gender identity. Historically conversations regarding having a gender identity that differed from ones biological sex were had in hushed tones behind closed doors. Many people struggled with their gender identity for years, never feeling able […] Read More


Mother's day, yes. It's right around the corner again. I know, I know. It only just happened last year. We all get so caught up in the ebb and flow of life that sometimes things get forgotten, but never fear, Hannah's here with three super fast and sure to please Mother's day gifts.   Say […] Read More

Teen parents - NZ Dads

You've just found out that you're daughter is pregnant. You're angry, disappointed, maybe a little bit excited at the prospect of becoming a grandparent? Everything you're feeling is normal and completely fine but as a parent your job now is to support your teenager as she navigates a scary new world and faces up to […] Read More

Jealous Teen - NZ Dads

The green eyed monster. It has the ability to transform the sweetest girls into terrors seemingly overnight. But what causes jealousy in teenager girls? What are the long term effects of a jealousy filled friendship, relationship or sibling rivalry and what can you do as a parent to help your teen? Recent studies have uncovered […] Read More