Drew Thompson

Drew operates a successful hobby farm for pampered cattle in rural South Auckland. He once dabbled in education, where he discovered any book was a good book. As with most ex-teachers he realised he was better off spending his time and patience on his own awesome children.

playing in the garden NZ Dads

 I used to be a firm believer in forcing my sons to work out on the farm or in the garden. Just do some work outdoors, anything, I don’t care what, but just get outdoors and away from the damn computer games. Consequently they hate it. They very rarely follow me out on to the […] Read More

The fitness attitude cover

Practical tips to make it past those fast food joints and get your body on the right track. We all try our best to eat well and exercise…ok, most of us try to do that. Hmm, well some of us do. I go to a gym a few times a week. It’s close to work […] Read More


You know you’re reading some good advice when it’s the 5th edition. Not too many books get that kind of treatment, so when they do it’s best to sit up, cross your arms and legs and pay attention. Sitting up straight and paying attention are also discussed in the book. Not so much for you, […] Read More

Lee Child - Personal

I’ve never read any Jack Reacher thriller’s before, but I sure have heard about him. So who is Jack Reacher and why does he get into lots of thrilling situations? Well if you are new to this chap, he’s bit of a different spin on the usual hard-core ex army guy who goes about solving […] Read More

Doggy Dan

I have a dog. I have kids. Four of them. Kids, not dogs. Why would you want that many dogs? Not me. I’m not a big fan of them. Dogs, not kids. I’m quite fond of my kids, it’s the dog that is more fond of me than me being fond of it. Not being […] Read More