Candice Davies

Candice is a 33 year-old Mother of 3, Chef & food blogger. With a broad knowledge & passion for food, Candice is wanting to create, educate & demonstrate different methods of cookery as well as give readers healthier alternatives to the way they like to eat. Being a parent herself, Candice understands the challenges of having a balanced life between work & home. Through her recipes, she is hoping to help restore some balance (especially in the kitchen) & give some great tips along the way.

Pan seared Swordfish & Prawn salad - NZ Dads

Wow! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I've finally found the time for a recipe development day.Between work & organising the kids going back to school, Housework & book covering (oh how I hate duraseal) it's pretty hard to find the time to prepare healthy nutritious meals for the family sometimes.One of my favourite […] Read More


Don't let the description fool you, this is a rather simple dish that is packed full of flavour. Arancini is an Italian stuffed rice ball, traditionally filled with ragu or mozzarella - I love to use feta or queso as I usually have some on hand, but you can fill with your choice of pretty […] Read More

Pan seared Yellowfin Tuna salad

The Holidays are over for another year & most people are now back at work (I know I am) As a chef I work some insanely long hours & when I'm home it's important for me to prepare simple, tasty & nutritious meals that I can whip up in a flash, or something that I've […] Read More

Savoury French Toast NZ Dads

This recipe is so simple to make, and as equally convenient because you can use anything you have on hand. Great as a breakfast or brunch for family & friends...or even turn it into a dinner meal served with salad. It's also a great way to use up stale bread, which we have had an […] Read More

Ginger and date slice NZ Dads

Christmas is only weeks away & we are moving towards the social circuit of picnics, bbq's, & of course lots of drop in visitors. Which is why at this time of year I like to be armed with a little extra baking to offer any of my unexpected guests. This next recipe is not only […] Read More