Blair Loveday

“Blair Loveday is a new father to nearly one year old Darius with his wonderful partner Nicola. Blair works full time in an End User Computing role. When he isn’t fixing computers or doing daddy-duties he can be found at the cake tin supporting the mighty Wellington Phoenix, or supporting the New Zealand Warriors through his TV screen. In between all of that Blair is an avid gamer and movie goer, citing The Last of Us as the greatest Video Game to date and The Lion King as the greatest movie of all time.”

GT Sport-1

If you are anything like me, the name Gran Turismo brings you a warm wave of nostalgia. The series has been the iconic racer for so many, for nearly 20 years. This year the latest release, Gran Turismo Sport has finally been released, and it’s different. Gran Turismo Sport brings a different feel to the […] Read More

9321337168098_A Monster Calls_DVD

One of the most wonderful experiences a film can provide is surprising you, and A Monster Calls did exactly that to me. A Monster Calls was released in 2016 and it was something that flew right under my radar, so checking out this DVD was a true treat as the film blew me away. A […] Read More


Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises in gaming these days, having basically destroyed the bulk of its competition. The series has made its way from the Wold World War 2 games to the present day, to the future, and with Call of Duty WWII it returns to its World War 2 roots, […] Read More

xboxonex- NZDads

Over the years, weird half step consoles have been par for the course. This generation has been the same with the PS4 slim and the Xbox One S doing the usual minor upgrades and a change of form factor. This generation though we have been introduced to beefed-up versions with the PS4 Pro and now […] Read More


After the abysmal remake of the Planet of the Apes, many had been cynical about how the franchise could ever be revived. Then along came Rise of the Planet of the Apes, that showed the creation of the Apes that would come to have an intelligent civilisation on earth, which blew everyone away. Since then […] Read More