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Family tree - NZDads

When I was eighteen I found out that I was half adopted. My dad had adopted me when I was two. When my mum told me she did so rather tearfully, expecting… I’m not sure what. Shock? Horror? Anger? I didn’t feel any of those things. It’s not that I’d known the specifics, but when […] Read More


Awesome pork crackling, thanks to 1 Player Dad. Head over to Facebook and follow him here […] Read More

Here is Jordan from "How To Dad" showing us some great tips on how to but a baby to sleep. Check him out at […] Read More

Weet-Bix NZ Dads

Wanting to stay in shape, but tired of the same boring breakfast ideas? Weet-Bix has come to the rescue with a host of Better Brekkie recipes created by celebrity chef Michael Van de Elzen. From a breakfast trifle and a wake-up shake, to Weet-Bix bircher muesli, porridge and pancakes, through his Better Brekkie recipes Michael […] Read More

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Stuck for ideas on what to do with the kids this Easter, then fear not - located just a two and a half hour drive from Auckland, is the wonderful world of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. From the moment you take the turn off State Highway 1, you’ll be greeted by the beautiful rolling hills […] Read More