Kids vs Carpet


If you’ve had a child, you’re probably ruined in some way. Maybe you’re financially ruined because daycare is costing you triple digits each week and you’ll never go on an overseas holiday again. Maybe your belly is ruined because of your diet of leftover Nutri-Grain which you feel compelled to eat because every box costs […] Read More


I don’t know a lot about maths, but I do know that a lot of men contribute up to 49% of child-rearing, and that’s a majority in anyone’s book. Dame Anne Salmond, Distinguished Professor at the University of Auckland, wrote a piece for NZ Herald in May this year about how Maori “once were” tender […] Read More

Ruggy Must Die


More "parenting" "advice" from Michael Botur My daughter Violet, age 2.5, has a lover. She’s female, interestingly. I don’t mind that. I do mind, however, that my daughter’s lover is taking her away from me. Since she turned 2, Violet has been in love with a hunk of sheepskin named Ruggy. Ever since Ruggy appeared […] Read More


I think spaghetti and meatballs is, or should be, a family favourite in every household. It's basic, rustic, but a step up from plain Spaghetti Bolognese. Rather than frying off my meatballs first I like to cook them directly in the sauce. This lends a delicious richness to the sauce and the fat from the […] Read More


Breaking Dad - Parenting column by Michael Botur. C’mon, up you get, we’re late. I’m opening these– why is there porridge on the curtains? No I’m not putting on a DVD. When I was a kid, we had to watch whatever TV2 offered us. I don’t care if the Girl Wiggle scares you. She’s fiiiine. […] Read More