Weet-Bix Organic Render 750g Pack

A fresh approach to your daily breakfast routine, Weet-Bix Organic and new Weet-Bix Gluten Free Cinnamon & Coconut brings you a bowlful of goodness that works for you and your lifestyle. Weet-Bix Organic is a natural choice for families who like to live an organic life, with all the taste and wholesome goodness of Weet-Bix. […] Read More

GravityRush2 - NZDads

When Gravity Rush first landed on the Vita it was lovingly received by many, including yours truly. As it was remastered for PS4, many more got to see the gravity shifting brilliance of Kat and now finally the sequel, Gravity Rush 2, has come to PS4. The good news is it is more Gravity Rush. […] Read More

Lunchbox - NZDads

Feed your monsters with Farrah’s Snack Wraps! Need quick lunch ideas that kids will love? Farrah’s NEW Snack Wraps are perfect for children who are always on the go! Now you can make school lunches so much more fun thanks to Farrah’s! The perfect size for little hands, Farrah’s Snack Wraps come in two monstrously […] Read More

Sultana Oat Cookies

Sultana Oat Cookies - NZDads

COOKIES! I am all about the cookies at the moment. Maybe it's part of being a new mum and the fact that I'm constantly hungry, or needing to snack on the go, either way, give, me, the, COOKIES. I have to admit however, this is the first batch of cookies that I have made myself […] Read More


The last six months seems to be the turning point for overbaked games. With The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV both being released to critical acclaim despite being in development hell for far too long, surely one of them have to fail. Surprisingly, the PS4 exclusive Nioh, announced in 2004, isn’t that game as […] Read More