locoroco - NZDads

11 years ago, a quirky game made its way to the PSP, where instead of moving your character, you moved the environment and the character moved. Where the characters consist of wacky organisms including hair style monsters, and circular blobs for good guys. This title was LocoRoco, the passion project of Tsutomu Kouno and with […] Read More


PaRappa the Rapper was always an interesting game. It was always super lame, yet in its own way awesome giving it a cult status, and with its Remaster on PS4, we are reminded of its many flaws, along with those moments that made it great. If you are unaware, PaRappa the Rapper Remastered tells the […] Read More

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Rice Bubble Crunch - NZDads

There's something insanely delicious about nostalgic foods like this. We would always have these at birthday parties growing up, except mum would make the honey version (she was a health nut), which although tasty, is mighty boring compared to these! I searched the internet high and low for a recipe for ones which were peanut […] Read More

Nioh- Dragon of the North - NZDads

In a front heavy year, that saw many outstanding releases in the first few months, Nioh was a game that was only on the fringes of many radars, and many were blown away at how fantastic it was. Dark, beautiful, and tough as nails, Nioh carved its way into many minds as a game worth […] Read More

Sonicare for Kids - NZDads

Video gaming has been long demonised in the family home, seen as something anti-social that can encourage bad behaviour in kids. But what if gaming was the key to helping New Zealand kids form integral and life-long habits? Games that get kids to school faster in the morning and to bed faster at night. The […] Read More